The Strigo DISCOVERY Program

Try our service for 3 months

From mountain peaks to forests deep, stay connected to your world with Strigo.

Discover Strigo mobile satellite internet for people on the go.
Strigo is an essential service, not a residential service.
That means you can stay connected even where no other internet service exists.
With Strigo, you can make calls, send texts and images virtually anywhere.

Try Before You Buy

Ever find yourself working or playing in remote Canadian regions?

Looking for the best way to stay safe and connected to your company, your family and your world?

Discover the Strigo Experience

Take advantage of our all-new Try Before You Buy program and stay connected, even in remote regions. We'll lend you the Strigo Hughes 4201, valued at $2,500, for 3 months at no charge!
Why? Because once you try it, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to buy it!

Your Strigo Connectivity Kit

Includes a Hughes 4201 Mobile Satellite Device, an AC/DC adapter and an ethernet cable—all delivered to you at no cost, no matter where you are!

Ready to try?

To sign up for the program, just fill out this simple form. Once you’ve been selected as an eligible user or company, all you’ll have to do is buy one SIM Card ($25) and two Prepaid 250 MB Vouchers for your antenna time ($500) and sign the loan agreement. That’s it. You’re ready to discover Strigo!

With Strigo, you’re good to go, wherever and whenever you choose!


Remember: Strigo is not a residential service. It's an essential service for people on the go who want to stay connected in places where no other internet service exists.