Who we are

Our mission: to connect everyone, everywhere to their world.

Terrestar Solutions was founded in 2008 by the creators of Fido (Microcell) who turned the dream of democratizing Canadian wireless into an everyday reality.

Then, backed by a seasoned leadership team, they broadened their horizons and began charting the future of Canadian telecommunications with the launch of Strigo in 2020.

Thanks to our Strigo Mobile Satellite Internet service, you’re finally free to step confidently into the wilderness, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be connected to your family, your business, your life, your world.

Today, at Terrestar, we’re developing revolutionary new technologies to enable seamless direct-to-mobile satellite communications for everyday devices and the IoT.

More than ever, thanks to our open network technology, we’re ready to work hand in hand with leading mobile network operators and committed partners to extend ground networks and bring connectivity to life.

Find out more about Terrestar Solutions

To support the vision of “everywhere in Canada” Terrestar acquired:

  • A geostationary satellite asset (Echostar T1)
  • Canadian mobile satellite licences in the 2 GHz frequency band
  • Canadian satellite ground network infrastructure
With these in place, Canadians can access their world within the wireless coverage area of Echostar T1.

Terrestar is unique

  • Our satellite licence allows for the reuse of spectrum on the ground with cellular service, thus optimizing the network coverage with the satellite and network capacity with the latest cellular technologies.
  • We are the only company in Canada with activities in the satellite and cellular business.
  • We use an agile and open business model based on connecting experts and delivering services through combined technologies and collaborative partnership agreements.
The combination of these unique features is designed to improve and offer connectivity to Canadians using their everyday wireless communication devices from wherever they are to wherever they want to reach.