Strigo Prepaid Voucher are
more affordable
than ever

No long-term contracts or commitments to worry about. 

250 MB MSS Prepaid Data Voucher



We’ll double your data on every prepaid voucher purchase at no extra cost.

Strigo benefits

  • Control your budget

    You decide on the data you need while travelling in the wilderness. Stay in control of your budget by topping up your account on line when you need more. With Strigo, you’ll never have a surprise bill.

  • No long-term commitments

    Strigo makes satellite mobile connectivity simpler with our friendly, prepaid vouchers that are free of long-term commitments.

  • Data that lasts

    Strigo Prepaid Vouchers are good for an entire year. And your oldest data gets used up first! Plus, you can stock up on multiple vouchers whenever you want, so they’re right there whenever you need them.

  • Always in the know

    Strigo is on line all the time, that means we’re with you 24/7. Simply visit My Strigo Account and you can access your data usage, top up your Prepaid Voucher and manage your account whenever you want! You'll also receive email notifications once you reach 75%, 90% & 100% of your data usage so you always know you’re good to go!

Become a member in 3 steps

  • Order your SIM Card


  • Buy your Prepaid Voucher


  • Activate your SIM Card


With your Strigo SIM Card and Mobile Satellite Device, you can stay connected in Canada’s most remote regions. Plus, your family, friends and colleagues can link up to your device, too, using their own SIM Cards and vouchers, whenever and wherever they choose.

$25 each

We’ve got you covered

Together, Strigo and the Echostar T1 Satellite open up vast new areas of Canada to mobile connectivity. That means you’re good to go virtually anywhere in Canada, even in places you never imagined possible…

Find out if Strigo coverage is available in your area before you buy.

Strigo Mobile Satellite Device

It’s your direct link to high-performance mobile satellite connectivity in remote Canadian locations.

We’ve got your back

  • Free shipping and return

    Anywhere in Canada.
  • Fast delivery

    Get your order in as quickly as 2 business days in select regions.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    With free shipping on returns.
  • We’re with you 24/7

    Top up your Prepaid Voucher on line or manage your account at any time.

Offer details: Double-up your data with every Strigo data voucher purchase. The equivalent amount of data purchased will be applied to your account within five (5) business days after the purchase of your voucher. Data provided under this promotional offer has no cash value and cannot be refunded, transferred, or sold. This promotional offer is only available for devices and SIM cards purchased on or before December 31, 2025, and is limited to one SIM card per account.