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Terrestar Solutions: Leading the Charge for Direct-to-Mobile Satellite Services Across Canada

Jun 18, 2024

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It is the responsibility of all of us to collaborate and deliver solutions to Canadians

Toronto, June 18th, 2024 – Jason Trembley, Vice-President of Business Development at Terrestar Solutions, delivered a keynote address today at the Canadian Telecom Summit, unveiling the company’s strategic vision to revolutionize Canada’s mobile communication landscape. With over 75% of Canada's landmass cut off from mobile communication, this untapped market has attracted the interest of international players, posing a threat to Canada's national communications landscape.

As the only Canadian company leading this critical technological race, Terrestar is set to deliver direct-to-mobile satellite services to everyday devices including smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices everywhere in Canada.

The benefits of seamless national connectivity are far beyond communications. They include economic, social, healthcare, and public and personal safety This connectivity will also accelerate our collective digital transformation and address the digital divide.

We are already in service and possess the assets to propel us into the future. We continue to upgrade infrastructure to support 4G and 5G capabilities, enhancing our ability to facilitate direct-to-mobile satellite services and non-terrestrial networks.

In addition, we are in the process of deploying a LEO constellation to support our multi-orbit strategy. This will bring quality service across Canada with significant implications for our national interests and defence.

To achieve this national seamless network, we require support and collaboration from our regulators and industry stakeholders, particularly mobile network operators. Together, we must build alternatives for both mobile operators and Canadian end-users. As well we must reduce our dependency on foreign service providers and ensure robust, homegrown solutions.

“We must actively shape our new world with determination and collaboration. The time for transformative action that serves all Canadians is now,” said Trembley. “The future depends on what we do today.”

Terrestar, as a founding member of the MSSA (Mobile Satellite Services Association), also calls on global carriers and partners to actively engage in the mobile satellite ecosystem to drive innovation and ensure interoperability. Collaboration with OEMs is crucial for integrating satellite services into smartphones and advancing technological standards. Strategic partnerships and strong regulatory frameworks are essential for sustainable growth and securing national interests.

Terrestar distinguishes itself from competitors through several key assets. These include sole ownership of the Canadian capacity of the geostationary Echostar T1 satellite, as well as licences for S-Band spectrum, granted by the Canadian government, coupled with robust ground network infrastructure. Furthermore, Terrestar has forged strategic partnerships to pioneer an innovative, open network architecture platform, aligned with the internationally adopted 3GPP NTN standards, facilitating seamless integration between cellular and satellite networks.

About Terrestar Solutions

Terrestar Solutions Inc. is the only Canadian mobile satellite operator engaged in the race to bring direct-to-device satellite services to smartphones and IoT devices and make anywhere-in-Canada communication a reality. The Company is committed to nurturing the ever-evolving, standards-based and open network ecosystem, enabling Mobile Network Operators to deliver ubiquitous communication services. Thanks to the Echostar T1 satellite, its ground network infrastructure and mobile satellite spectrum, Terrestar connects Canadians from almost anywhere in the country, even in Canada’s most remote regions through its Strigo Mobile Satellite Service (MSS). The Strigo service also supports non-profit and First Nations organizations, a testament to the Company’s powerful sense of responsibility towards the welfare and progress of the communities it serves. For more information, visit, contact, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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