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Terrestar Solutions CEO Unveils Vision for Affordable Mobile Satellite Services

Nov 08, 2023

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Bridging Connectivity Gap for All Canadians

Toronto, November 8, 2023 — “Everyone connected, everywhere...” This powerful message was delivered today by Jacques Leduc, President and Chief Executive Officer of Montreal-based Terrestar Solutions Inc. As the only Canadian operator engaged in the race to bring seamless, affordable direct-to-mobile satellite communication services, Terrestar is leading the charge in connecting everyday devices, including smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, everywhere in Canada as a complement of cellular networks Leduc shared this vision during his address at the annual Canadian Telecommunications Summit, held in Toronto on November 8, 2023. Terrestar's commitment to advancing connectivity for all everywhere remains at the forefront of their mission.

"With the continuous evolution of technology and the widespread adoption of international protocols and standards, 'satellite technology' is poised to seamlessly integrate as just another access point to cellular communications," Leduc explained. “Terrestar anticipates the commercialization of this service in Canada as early as next year, facilitated by strategic partnerships with domestic mobile network operators”.

Only weeks ago, Terrestar Solutions and TELUS achieved a groundbreaking milestone, showcasing the formidable potential of integrating satellite and cellular networks. During the trial, text messages and voice calls were seamlessly transmitted from Terrestar's EchoStar T1 satellite directly to a standard smartphone. This achievement marks a significant leap forward in the convergence of satellite and cellular technology.

Leduc emphasized the pivotal role governments play in driving strategic initiatives. He credited the MSS policies of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for propelling our country to the forefront of innovation and development. Leduc pointed out that with 75% of Canada's landmass lacking cellular network coverage, satellite technology is an ideal solution to meet the needs of Canadians and enterprise. Additionally, he commended the Quebec government for its pioneering efforts in providing broadband connectivity to all Quebecers, and for its commitment to implementing truly mobile services by 2026.

Terrestar distinguishes itself from competitors through several key assets. These include sole ownership of the Canadian capacity of the geostationary EchoStar T1 satellite, as well as licences for S spectrum granted by the Canadian government, coupled with robust terrestrial infrastructure. Furthermore, Terrestar has forged strategic partnerships over the years to pioneer an innovative, open network architecture platform, aligned with the internationally adopted 3GPP standard, facilitating seamless integration between cellular and satellite networks.

About Terrestar Solutions

Terrestar Solutions Inc. is a Canadian mobile satellite operator engaged in the race to bring direct-to-device satellite services to smartphones and IoT devices and make anywhere in Canada communication a reality. The Company is committed to nurturing the ever-evolving, standards-based and open network ecosystem, enabling Mobile Network Operators to deliver ubiquitous communication services. Thanks to the Echostar T1 satellite, its ground network infrastructure and mobile satellite spectrum, Terrestar connects Canadians from almost anywhere in the country, even in Canada’s most remote regions through its Strigo Mobile Satellite Service (MSS). The Strigo service also supports non-profit and First Nations organizations, a testament to the Company’s strong sense of responsibility towards the welfare and progress of the communities it serves. For more information, visit, contact, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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