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Strigo answers the call of Pacific Wild

Aug 23, 2022

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As part of our mission to provide connectivity to Canadians from coast to coast to coast, Strigo has recently entered into a non-profit partnership with Pacific Wild, offering our technology to help them stay connected while they conduct their vital work in remote west-coast locations.

The leading voice for wildlife conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond, Pacific Wild uses powerful, authentic, visual storytelling, evidence-based reporting, wildlife monitoring, and community-led initiatives to support healthy and protected ecosystems that sustain optimal biodiversity throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A natural fit for Strigo, the partnership aligns perfectly with our love of the great outdoors and our adventurous spirit. As a champion of conservation, Pacific Wild works in areas completely off the communications grid. So, to help them stay connected, we provided them with Strigo devices with unlimited data, which are currently being used by conservationist, film director and nature photographer, Ian McAllister; and by author, educator and conservationist Susan Marie Conrad, who recently paddled the West Coast, on an epic, solo kayak expedition, helping to map and create a network of Marine Protected Areas throughout the Great Bear Rainforest.

Other members of the team will soon be using Strigo as well, to help them in their work and the entire team is grateful to have Strigo so they can stay connected and upload the images and data that are so vital to their important cause.

Stay tuned for more on our partnership with Pacific Wild as we share updates on their conservation work, made possible, in part by Strigo.