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An essential tool no matter where you work

Feb 17, 2022

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Strigo Mobile Satellite Internet for businesses on the go
where connectivity meets affordability.

When you’re working in remote regions, there are some tools you just can’t do without. Strigo is not a residential service, it’s an essential service that keeps you connected to your business so you can call, text, share images and data—where no other internet or cell service exists.

Right now, you can take advantage of Strigo at rates that are more affordable than ever!

  • The Strigo Connectivity Kit is now yours for just

  • Get 1 GB of
    free data (a $1,000 value)
    when you purchase a new device and SIM Card.

  • We’ll
    double your data
    on every Prepaid Voucher you purchase at no extra cost.

Go on line anytime, anywhere with Strigo and your smart device.

  • Data transfer
  • Send and receive calls, text messages and images
  • Internet of Things
  • Access emergency services
  • Browse the web
  • Weather services
  • GPS
  • Social media

Can your business afford to NOT be connected?

Strigo, is THE way to go...

  • Simple prepaid vouchers that require no long-term commitment on your part.
  • Total compatibility and connectivity with your devices.
  • Use your own smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy multi-user capability!
  • Compact, robust equipment that goes wherever you go!

How does it work? Easy.

  1. Choose a spot where your Strigo mobile satellite device can “see” our satellite.
  2. Get the best signal by making small adjustments to the direction of the device.
  3. Activate your Wi-Fi and connect your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.
  4. You’re good to go! It’s that simple!

Discover the Strigo Hughes 4201 mobile satellite device and all its functions.

Offer details: Get 1 GB of data free with the purchase of a Hughes 4201 device and a Strigo SIM Card. The 1 GB of free data will be applied to your account within five (5) business days after the SIM Card is activated. Limited to one SIM Card per account. Double-up your data with every Strigo data voucher purchase. The equivalent amount of data purchased will be applied to your account within five (5) business days after the purchase of your voucher. Data provided under this promotional offer has no cash value and cannot be refunded, transferred, or sold. These promotional offers are only available for devices, SIM cards and data vouchers purchased on or before December 31, 2024.