Staying connected means staying safe

With Strigo, you can feel safe and secure knowing that no matter where you go, you’re always connected to your family, your business… your world.

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What is Strigo?

Glad you asked! Strigo is a unique, new mobile communications system that uses geo-stationary satellite and ground technologies to extend Canada’s mobile coverage into remote regions like never before. In short, it’s a vital link to your world, wherever you go.

Strigo simplicity

We’ve done everything we can to ensure staying connected is as easy as 1, 2, 3 Go!

  • 1 Order

    Order your device, SIM Card and Prepaid Voucher on line in a few clicks.

  • 2 Activate

    Clear, concise instructions make setting up your mobile terminal a breeze.

  • 3 Connect

    Link up your Strigo Mobile Satellite Device with the Echostar T1 Satellite then connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • You’re good to go!

    The Strigo Mobile Satellite Device is compact and robust enough to go wherever you go!

What you need

Your Strigo Connectivity Kit comes with everything you need to get connected.

  • Strigo Mobile
    Satellite Device

    Easy to set up, it’s the base station that links our satellite to your wireless device.

  • Strigo SIM

    Gives you access to complete mobile connectivity even in Canada’s remote locations.

  • Strigo Prepaid

    Choose the amount of data you want and top it up easily if needed!

We’ve got you covered

Together, Strigo and the Echostar T1 Satellite opens up vast new areas of Canada to mobile connectivity. Find out if Strigo coverage is available in your area before you buy.

Let’s connect

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We’ve got your back

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    Anywhere in Canada
  • Fast delivery

    Get your order in as quickly as 2 business days in select regions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    With free shipping on returns
  • We’re with you 24/7

    Top up your Prepaid Voucher online or manage your account at any time