For people who are going places

At Strigo, we’re driven by spirited, adventurous professionals eager to explore new horizons. People who like to learn from the very best, while sharing their passion, talent and expertise, because we believe that every generation can learn from every other.

To help achieve our goals, we surround ourselves with people who aren’t afraid to take the path less chosen, forming a constellation of talented individuals dedicated to innovation, each one helping us chart the way to the future of telecommunications.

Our values guide us on our journey

  • Solidarity

    At Strigo, everyone on the team is tightly connected, and when it comes to communication, we’re always open. We support, encourage and motivate one another in the spirit of total collaboration. Together, we’re forging new paths, charting a new course to improve connectivity for all Canadians and help create a better future for all.

  • Accessibility

    We’re driven by the goal of ensuring that everyone on our team is connected and accessible to one another, and to every part of our organization, no matter where they’re working in the world. We give every team member the chance to boldly explore new territory and shape our future while promoting the transmission of knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next. It’s sharing and collaboration like this that help shape the future.

  • Determination

    All our team members share the same spirit of rugged determination, initiative and intelligence, working tirelessly to ensure connectivity for Canadians from coast to coast to coast. And we won’t stop there. Everything we do, every effort we make, will be steadfastly focused on fulfilling our mission.

The team posed together outdoors at Mont-Tremblant. They're all wearing white sweatshirts with the Strigo owl logo on them.
The Strigo team takes part in a volunteer activity at Moisson Montreal.
Three employees wearing climbing helmets stand in front of a rocky wall.
The entire Strigo team is gathered in nature in front of a mountain and a blue sky.
Three employees posing in front of two large satellite dishes connected to the Strigo satellite.
The Strigo team and their families gathered in front of a sugar shack in Quebec.
Four employees playing golf at Mont-Tremblant.
An employee is on a dock located by a lake in a Quebecois landscape. They are using the Strigo device to make a phone call.
Four employees hiking at Mont-Tremblant.
The Strigo team is gathered in a park during the summer for a company picnic.
The Strigo team is skiing at Mont-Tremblant.
An employee on the side of a river is using the Strigo device to make a phone call.

Our personality helps us connect with the world

  • Open

    …to new ways of seeing our world. Being open-minded is part of who we are. It’s what helps us imagine the future and explore uncharted territories. We’re always open… to new ideas, to differences, to change and growth and that’s what makes us inclusive and fun to work with.

  • Curious

    For us, curiosity is a vital quality. We’re literally fascinated by emerging technologies and the positive impact they have on our daily lives. Every answer we find leads to new and more challenging questions that force us to dig deep until we discover something new once again. Curiosity is the force that compelled us to create a company that’s ever focused on a better future.

  • Adventurous

    To dream, to dare, to drive headlong into a future where nothing is impossible… that’s what we live for. Challenges fuel our desire to constantly innovate, better ourselves and ultimately succeed. In short, we’re trailblazers, through and through.

With a mission of providing connectivity for people in remote areas from coast to coast, it’s only natural for us to support causes that protect and enrich our great outdoors. But we also support causes that foster better education, healthcare, and the well-being of our communities.