Vision & Values

Our vision for Canada

TerreStar Solutions connects you to your world virtually anywhere in this vast country, even in Canada’s most remote regions—all under the service contour of Echostar T1. We’re also technology- and infrastructure-agnostic to ensure we always meet your communications needs, both today and tomorrow, as we launch new services that will connect you to even more people, devices and leading-edge IoT applications.


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Every Canadian can now connect to their own world with their preferred everyday mobile communications device.

Our Values


The essence of our brand is rooted in keeping everyone connected everywhere, in opening lines of communication, forging ties between Canadians no matter where they are, and in working hand-in-hand to improve connectivity moving forward. All of our stakeholders can expect the same degree of solidarity from us, no matter how they connect with our brand.


We’re driven by the goal of ensuring that Canadians can stay connected and accessible to one another, and to virtually every part of our country, no matter how remote the location. In keeping with that spirit, we too are committed to remaining open and accessible to all our customers and stakeholders, providing the assistance they need. Wherever. Whenever.


As was the case with the original explorers who tamed this wild land, it took steely determination and intelligence to bring wireless access to the most remote regions of our country. And we won’t stop there. Everything we do, every effort we make, will be steadfastly focussed on fulfilling our mission of keeping everyone everywhere connected.