Our Strategy

TerreStar is implementing a multi-pillar strategy to offer its spectrum to enhance everywhere connectivity in Canada. This is just the start.


Pillar one

TerreStar has recently committed an additional $120M to ensure that Canadians have timely access to Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), providing a connectivity lifeline for users within the Canadian service area of the Echostar T1 geostationary satellite. This service is delivered in partnership with Hughes, Xplornet, Dish, Telesat and SSL/Maxar and is marketed to Canadians under the brand name Strigo. The service is now available to all Canadians.


Pillar two

TerreStar is currently partnering with one partner, TELUS, to combine some of our spectrum with TELUS’ infrastructure, thereby enhancing mobile capacity and speed to more than 30% of the Canadian population, primarily in urban and metropolitan areas, where consumer demand is in continuous growth.


Pillar three

TerreStar has provided Xplornet with the right to use our spectrum outside major metropolitan areas. This spectrum agreement will enable Xplornet to develop the latest wireless technology to deliver future 5G services, including speeds of 100 Megabits per second (Mbps), and affordable, unlimited data plans for rural broadband customers across Canada.

More to come…
TerreStar is constantly seeking opportunities to expand each pillar to provide better wireless and internet connectivity and service to Canadians wherever they may be.

Every Canadian will benefit from TerreStar’s multi-pillar strategy

With Strigo, TerreStar keeps it simple. We look after the technology so Canadians can enjoy predictable, easy-to-use and affordable satellite services.

In metropolitan areas, TerreStar’s partnership strategy delivers additional wireless speed and network capacity for Canadians. In rural and remote areas, the TerreStar Solutions partnership will provide Canadians with access to improved wireless services.

Our mission is to connect Canadians to everywhere from anywhere – so they are always good to go!